Double sided barbecue

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If he has the right kitchen utensils, he doesn't have to pay a five-star price for the food, and you can become a master of double-sided barbecue!

Works on both surfaces

Tray for double side barbecueprovideTwo surfacesPage: 1flat surfaceOne moreWave surfaceBoth sides distribute the heat evenly so that they can get the perfect roast each time.

extensive use

Besides barbecue, there is barbecueFrying panTwo facesSo is heIdeal barbecueThe forum you want to post is aPressure frying panSo he can experience the meat falling off his bones without sacrificing a few hours 


High quality

Double face barbecueByHigh pressure molten aluminumfromHigh quality anti adhesion coating . Lasting and easyIf you keep it, you can also use a different stove, for exampleHalogen, electric, ceramic or traditional gas furnaces .


  • Internal non bonding cost
  • Two surfaces inside
  • Heat resistant shell, heat-resistant long-term.
  • Add extra sealant
  • Double pressure barbecue plate
  • Superconducting high pressure melting of aluminum materials
  • Magnetic lock device
  • I cook faster and more evenly, saving time and energy.
  • Less smell and smoked food
  • Ergonomic mango design safe and comfortable cooking operation
  • Best for your favorite meat, seafood or chicken
  • Easy and convenient


  • Product size: 47cm (L) × 37cm (W) × 8cm (T)
  • Package weight: 2kg
  • Material: Aluminum

The package includes:

  • A double-sided pot

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