Flip Cooker (Pan to cook eggs and pancakes)

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This non-stick pancake pan has 7 round rings, food separated from each ring whose diameter is 3 inches,a fantastic and quick way to make perfectly sized pancakes.

It is 100% pure top quality, withoutfade, eco-friendly, non-toxic, quick and easy to make perfect pancakes.A wide temperature range from -104 to 446 ℉ (-40 + 220 ℃), dishwasher, microwave, oven safe.

Food is easy to fall for. So this new design of small air holes around for easy flipping and two extended ears forhelp you eat hot food without hurting yourself.

Flip Cooker - The fast, easy, and fun way to make perfect pancakes every time!Flip Cooker flips multiple pancakes at the same time and without mess. Just pop it into a preheated skillet, add the batter and let it brown, then just lift and flip. The secret is the non-stick silicone ring. The side keeps the dough in perfect shape for even cooking, while the flat bottom ring holds it all. Stove-safe silicone, while the easy grips easily turn your hands away from heat.Dishwasher safe. Also great for eggs, omelettes, hash browns, and more!

The quick and easy way to make perfect pancakes every time!

  • Dishwasher safe.
  • Flip multiple pancakes at the same time.
  • Flip the pancakes without the mess.
  • Red color.
  • Weight: 150g
  • Material: food grade silicone.
  • Size: 39.5 * 23.5cm.


  • Do not touch a naked flame directly.
  • Do not wash with sharp or metal tools.
  • Please clean it after use to avoid damage.
  • Make sure the skillet does not overheat, cook over low heat.
  • Make sure the flat bottom ring is flat on the tray so there is no leakage.
  • Spread butter or non-stick spray on Flip Cooker to prevent food from sticking to the pan.

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