The sixth blade steel laser cutting machine

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Turn your weed blender into a cutting beast!

This photo has been added to his favorite.Too weakFor mowing? Replace your cutting head with 6 blades of steel shear head □ whatMowing, branches, weeds, and more!

This razor is a bomb!

this isTearing, tearing and chopping weeds and weedsIt seems notOne morning

There is no more time Mow the lawn under himsunlightBurningsummer .   

The blade is made of high quality steel alloy.OneAdditional hardness, clarity and durabilitySharp cutting tools can meet the needs of mowing, gardening, Bush cleaning and weed removal.

Designed with 360 degree bladeA total blockade without a dead spotIt can save gas or electricity and cut off time more effectively.

Of the language of your choiceSuitable for all scissor models(Stihl, echo, Worx, black & amp; Decker, greenworks, Husqvarna, et al.).Easy to installScrew off the head of the scissors machine for quick configuration.

This is himBest replacementFor old, heavy, expensive mowers.

Mowing lawns and weeding areEasier, faster It's fun, too!


  • high-qualityPage: 1 The knife is made of high-quality steel alloy, and its hardness, clarity and durability are improved. The sharp knife can meet the needs of lawn mower, garden, shrub cleaning and weed treatment.
  • Special design  : Designed with 360 degree blade, it can cover completely seamless, save gas or power, and cut off more effectively.
  • universalIf you find any errors, please feel free to comment!
  • elastic  :For stone like resistance, the blade can be stretched out, cut more evenly, and handle more deeply.
  • Simple operation Note: provide convenient installation and use parts for scissors machine.Mowing lawns and weeding is easier, faster It's fun, too!


  • Style: 6T
  • Material: manganese steel
  • Size: application. 25.2x78mm/0.99x3.07in (aperture × leaf length)
  • Color: red and black
  • Quantity: 1 PC

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